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Introduction to Psychic and Mediumship Development Workshop - Cockatoo 4 October 2015:

  • Great overall basis, covering the basic information first and then going into practice and learning. I'd just like to express my thanks to Cheryl for holding an extremely informative and productive workshop on psychic development. The surroundings and lunch were just perfect and ideal to promote (what I felt was) the perfect balance of energy and sustenance for learning. The topics and base information given were just right to tie in all the bits and pieces I'd found on the Internet - it made everything make sense!!! I greatly appreciate the written notes that I could take home and study later. The exercises given seemed perfect for the groups stage of development - challenging but also producing wonderful results with a lot of encouragement and support. Overall a wonderful day which has encouraged me to continue on in my journey with the addition of extra knowledge to assist along the way - looking forward to the next stage of workshops (and just a little side note - the specifics that came through to Cheryl about my mother were amazing and gave me a level of mediumship which I am trying to strive for) xxx - Andrea

  • An absolutely fabulous experience and wonderful workshop. It was an awesome day. - Amy

  • I found today's workshop extremely helpful and informative. I have awakened my connection with the Spirit World and feel fabulous! I look forward to learning more from Cheryl and her amazing gifts. AMAZING DAY! - Giorgie

  • Very enjoyable,fun and interesting. - Lara​​

Helen DaVita -Trance, Trance Healing, Mediumship Development Workshop-Carrington NSW- August 2015:

  • I had an amazing time at the 4 day workshop in Newcastle. If you like trance at all then this is a great workshop to go to. The energy in the room was electric and the people and experiences out of this world. I’m having trouble finding words to express my feelings. Profound and far reaching. Awesome. It is not only what we learn and experience as a medium but also as a recipient. - Glenn

  • I attended the 4 days of workshops with Helen Davita held at Newcastle in August 2015. Well what can I say? I can say I met some amazing, loving, caring and genuine people, some were local and some were from other states. The first 3 days of Trance and Trance Healing were absolutely mind blowing. The amazing Helen is so knowledgeable, she made the workshop interesting and there was never a moment that I was not in awe. Day 4 was dedicated to Mediumship for Intermediate and Advanced Mediums. I have had some training in Mediumship but I felt way out of my depth. On the morning of the event I was feeling extremely anxious and at one point I was ready to talk to Cheryl (Walking with Spirit) to tell her that I could not stay. Put simply, what kept me in my chair were two things, the first was the caring and genuine nature of one of the other Mediums who knew I was nervous but for some reason she believed in me and gave me encouragement. The second was Helen. Due to her honesty, her compassion, her belief in everyone in the room, her sincerity and her amazing calming energy I stayed and pushed myself. I did not disappoint. Not only was I able to bring through loved ones on a one on one basis I stood up in front of a group and successfully completed my first ever platform demonstration. At no time did Helen make you feel you had to do anything you did not feel you were ready for, at no time did she make you feel you were not good enough. I can honestly say these 4 days have potentially changed my life. I feel more confident, more trusting (not just in spirit but in me), have a new understanding and connection with myself and my spirit family. I am now ready to embrace life and move forward on my life journey. Thank you to Cheryl and Susanna Steele who spent hours putting this event together, without you it would not have been possible. From the bottom of my heart thank you to Helen, you are an amazing individual and I will never forget you!- Leanne

  • To describe Helen DeVita's Trance Healing workshop I have to use more than just one word: AMAZING, MIND BLOWING, BRILLIANT, UPLIFTING, a MUST on your BUCKETLIST! I went to this workshop with an open mind as I didn't know what to expect. Helen and Cheryl made me feel instantly welcome and the whole set up of the workshop was a delight with plenty of breaks and clear instructions. Helen guided us through every step with her calming voice making us feel safe and secure at all times. I came out of this workshop filled with immense joy, lots of knowledge and the confidence to integrate Trance Healing into my life. I can't wait for Helen to return to Newcastle, Australia and to join her for all her other amazing workshops. Thank you Helen for coming to the other end of this world to share your special gift with us.- Coni, Toronto

  • Hi Cheryl, It was lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for working with Susanna in bringing such an amazing experience to Newcastle. Helen is truly a beautiful person and wonderful teacher.It is an experience I will always cherish. Along with having the opportunity to be part of working and growing with such an amazing group of people. I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed every minute of the day and looking forward to where this journey is taking me.I look forward to meeting with you again in the future. Please let me know when we can register for Helen's workshops next year.- Janelle

Introduction to Psychic and Mediumship Development Workshop - The Purple Dragonfly, Warrandyte Vic, 15 August 2015:


  • Thank you so much, you are a godsend. This has been a wonderful development in mediumship, from the bottom of my heart,thank you - Jules

  • Had and amazing and informative day with wonderful people - Mel 

  • I really enjoyed my day. Lots of overwhelming, emotional and loving experiences - Christine

Michael Wheeler- Embracing The Light - Leura NSW, 29 June 2013


  • I wanted to thank you for opening your home for such an amazing experience. I haven't attended any workshops before but I have to say I will definitely be back to be part of more workshops. I feel a lot more comfortable being open about the gifts I have been blessed with now and in sharing them without fear of being judged. Lunch was just beautiful, I am very grateful for all the hard work, time and energy you put into bringing the day together, I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it and am very thankful for the opportunity you provided. I learnt so much. Thank you once again.- Alison

  • Thank you for providing such a wonderful and relaxing environment to learn. This peaceful sanctuary allows us to connect with ourselves effectively. Michael was outstanding, sharing a wealth of knowledge and each exercise was very worthwhile.- Brendon Hicks 

  • AMAZING!! What a gorgeous experience! Thank you. - Ang S

  • A wonderful experience to improve my mediumship. Michael is a wonderful teacher who knows how to improve his student's link to Spirit. - Debra 

  • Thank you to Michael who is totally awesome! To our amazing hosts Cheryl and David, Thank you, Thank you! xx - Marilyn

  • A pleasure to attend and I enjoyed the venue, the atmosphere and especially the presenter! - Carolyn Flynn

Cheryl Smyth

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