To anyone thinking of giving it a shot, seeing a Medium, please do yourself a favour and connect with Cheryl. This amazing and profound woman has been given a gift. This is not something she has been taught, this is a blessing from above that she has been GIVEN. I believe that was the real difference in this experience for myself, I went in with a very open mind and heart and I tried to have no expectation. However, being my first experience seeing a medium, I was just overwhelmed with the calm and gentleness of Cheryl. Several people I love and have known in my life were present and passed their love and messages on through Cheryl. Honestly, there are just no words to describe this experience , IT WAS PROFOUND!  Words can’t describe what happened. The information she was passing on, so that spirit could make sure I knew it was that person was amazing, special and really surprising. An experience I'll never ever forget and that's why I feel I must write a testimonial for Cheryl, because her gift is REAL, her ability is an experience to watch and feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Cheryl, expect a further entourage of my friends and family wanting to see you to have their own experience. Thank you and WOW. - Loene, February 2018

I had the most amazing reading from Cheryl. My mum came through and my grandpa and uncle so strong. I can't thank you enough Cheryl you were absolutely amazing. Anyone wanting to connect with loved ones, I 10,000,000% recommend Cheryl. - Jade, November 2017

Thank you Cheryl, the time with you went so quickly. Today I feel a sense of peace that all is well with my loved ones. Thank you again for bringing them through to me and providing me with proof of their survival in spirit. Amazing reading! - Chris, July  2017

The Mediumship reading I had with Cheryl was a beautiful experience to remember forever. From the moment I was welcomed into Cheryl's home, I was made to feel at ease by her kindness and warm, loving energy. Cheryl connected with my loved ones and was able to bring forward information to ease my pain, providing me with the peace of mind I needed. Cheryl holds a safe space for your healing journey as she's connecting with your loved ones - a space without any judgement where you can cry and laugh together. Throughout the reading I even got to experience three separate knocks on a bookcase in the reading room from my loved ones in Spirit, which was such a blessing. I can now go forward with peace in my heart, knowing that my loved ones are right by my side. Thank you Cheryl, for all that you do - Alicia, September 2016

Thank you so much for your reading today - you brought through the messages from Dad and his sense of grace and heart energy so absolutely spot on. There was so much healing for me and my dad that was brought through your channel today - thank you - you really were in contact with his energy in the way that he truly was/is. - C.Prince, Sydney, August 2016

Dear Cheryl, Thank you so much for my reading last week. It was nothing short of amazing and so described my family in spirit to a tee, as well as their personalities. I knew without a doubt in that moment, you had definitely connected with them. Because you could not possibly know this, without them telling you. I even forgot about the cabbage rolls mum used to make, until you reminded me! You told me I was going to ok on my special night, and you were right! Your reading did not disappoint, your connection to my family was beautiful and I felt the love conveyed through you to me. The fairy wings you told me about just blew me away. You brought back memories long forgotten. I could have spent hours with you. The white butterfly, you told me I'd see, I did. I'll send a photo of it. I am grateful and thankful that you were able to make the connection for me. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.- Anna August 2016

If you'd like validation of spirit in the after life, I suggest you go and see this beautiful soul, or attend one of her demonstrations. A very gifted spirit medium with a heart of gold. You won't be disappointed!- Andrea July 2016

Hi Cheryl Thanks for today, I’m not sure what happened but I feel very peaceful afterwards. It felt energetically a very heart felt experience today, thank you.- Richard, July 2016

I just wanted to say Thank you for the Skype reading last month. Your accuracy still has me in wonder, too intimate to be a lucky guess.

Not just the description of personality types and interests but the actual provision of names, remarkable. You know I had a semi sceptical approach after a couple of very ordinary experiences and left a convert. Not what I expected but more than I could have hoped for.

Many Thanks - Christine May 2016

It was amazing to hear from my loved ones and I think it's just unreal that Sharn came through!! I am so happy I got in contact with my nanna, pop and grandad 😊 I feel so happy! Thank you so much! It was truly amazing!!! - Brianna April 2016

We Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for our reading on Saturday. You gave mum such a sense of relief to hear from her cousin. It was such a happy reading I thought and mum agreed . My friend is wanting a reading and I told her you were amazing and not to look any further but to you - Skype Reading - Belinda and Dawn August 2015

I can truly recommend having a reading with Cheryl. She made it feel like I was really talking to my mother. She's unbelievable and I felt on top off the world after it! She is definitely worth every penny! I'll be having another one from her. She's a beautiful soul as well and that's even more of a bonus! I found her extremely informative and knowledgable in what she does and if I ever needed a mentor, she would definitely be the one I would choose!- Skype Reading - Amanda June 2015

I would like to take time to thank Cheryl for a wonderful afternoon last Saturday 11th April at a demonstration of mediumship in her home. It was a wonderful afternoon and I personally witnessed loved ones being brought through from spirit in such a strong way, including a very strong message for my partner from a mate of his who passed and this made him smile very much indeed. The evidence Cheryl brings through in her work comes from a deep love for those passed, and the work she does is always from the heart and with integrity as she works. Thank you for a wonderful inspiring afternoon ,the giggles and some tears of happiness. Well done .- Sharon April 2015

I had the pleasure of attending a mediumship demonstration held by Cheryl in her home Its was an absolutely wonderful experience I had a couple of family members come through, and Cheryl was incredibly accurate and I have come away with a feeling of peace and healing that I didn't think I could have gotten before coming to see Cheryl. I can't thank Cheryl enough for the peace and healing she has given me so far. She is an amazing lady and medium xx thank you Cheryl I will be seeing you again - Aime April 2015

On Saturday I went to a mediumship afternoon with Cheryl. It was an intimate gathering with a few other lovely women. When Cheryl started to describe a spirit I knew it was my mother who came through. I could feel her. Cheryl conveyed messages and memories to me that only my immediate family would know. My mum was there in the room with us, her love filled the room and it was emotional. I am very blessed to have had my mum with me after 20 years. And I have Cheryl to thank for that. I was deeply touched by your generosity Cheryl and the way you brought my mum into the room with me. My dad was very spiritual but my mum always kept her distance a bit. So for her to come and say hello was wonderful and very comforting.   Cheryl is genuine, compassionate and really wants to help connect us with our loved ones who are in spirit. - Helen April 2015

In late November last year, Cheryl held a mediumship party at my place... and it was brilliant!!
There were about eight participants in attendance, all eagerly waiting for her to start, hoping to hear from loved ones who have passed over. I can tell you nobody was disappointed! Cheryl was off and running almost immediately she began, and the accuracy of the information coming through was absolutely astounding! The messages were delivered in a very caring, sensitive manner as only Cheryl knows how, and it was pretty much spot on every time.
Also at the party was an awesome tea leaf reader, who was also exceptionally accurate with her readings, and there was also a range of lovely and really well priced jewellery, crystals and angels that Cheryl sells as well.
The mediumship party was an absolute total success, and many thanks go to Cheryl, David and Sharon for such a wonderful afternoon. I highly recommend the mediumship parties to anyone who may be interested, as well as any of Cheryl's psychic medium services.... she's a very gifted psychic medium! - Tammy January 2015

I just wanted to say a very big Thank you to Cheryl for a reading she did for me last year. I was very emotional after losing a family member and Cheryl came through straight away with validations letting me know my loved one was OK and not far. She mentioned my husband's line of work and said he would be changing jobs soon which he did. You put my mind at ease during a really tough time in my life and I cant thank you enough for that. Im looking forward to my next reading with you. X- Carly Phone Reading May 2013

I approached Cheryl for a reading some months after the death of my daughter's father. Not only was Cheryl kind and compassionate in the way she conducted the reading, she was also spot-on accurate. Cheryl began the reading with a description of my departed grandparents and there were many key areas of verification of Cheryl's contact with them. Not only did this set me at ease for the rest of the reading, but also instilled upon me a sense of peace that they were still continuing to share in my life journey. After this initial contact Cheryl did indeed pick up on my daughter's father. Due to a number of issues in my daughter's life this contact was very important in allowing me to understand that I wasn't parenting completely alone, and was receiving help from the world beyond ours. It was also important from my daughter's point of view to understand that her dad is still walking her journey with her and sends his unconditional love. Again, Cheryl was able to accurately describe this family member's appearance and provide multiple verification and information about our loved one. I cannot thank Cheryl enough for conducting the reading and would recommend Cheryl to anyone seeking contact with a loved one.- Jenny Phone Reading November 2014

Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the reading you gave me regarding my beautiful friend who had passed. Your accuracy of how she passed was amazing. It was even more amazing the message that you relayed to me of our private conversation that I had with my beautiful friend a month or so before she passed. No one knew what we discussed except for the both of us . This truly blew me away. Your accuracy on a lot of characteristics and sayings of my friend was spot on. And how right you were, or should I say how right was my friend of the un-easiness with me. With the events that happened afterwards, I truly believe my beautiful friend is looking over me. I can truly say my heart feels alot lighter knowing my friend is at peace and is ok. Thank you so much for the reading you truly do have amazing gift. I look forward to meeting with you at one of your workshops in the future. - Belinda G Skype Reading 27 September 2014

Good old family secrets............I now know who the woman is with my Grandfather- that gave you a 100% score card on that reading!!! ...hands down, you're the best platform medium I have ever seen!!! I have never been read and had someone get 100%. You are amazing and an absolute treasure to the world! - Ang S - Platform Reading- Michael Wheeler Workshop 29 June 2013

Dear Cheryl,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for my phone reading the other day. It’s been a difficult 18 years without my mother and not a day goes past that I wish she was still here.  I have been on the sceptical side of glamorous most of my life and used to think that my mother’s fascination with crystals, angels, faith and all of those things was a little too much for me.  Having  a science degree, I am a person that must have a proof of concept or evidence to ‘believe’ in something.

The messages you had for me from my mum were so spot on and amazing.  No one knew that I had put her crystals and note into her coffin at her viewing or the colours of her yellow roses.  Her love for cooking, mills and boon novels and other things you mentioned were just amazing.  I take away from your reading an enormous sense of relief knowing her passing was quick and her mother and maternal grandfather were there to greet in the next world.   All I want from my mother is a massive hug and fact you mentioned that was what she has been trying to do to me and I need to tap into my spiritual  side in order to receive these.  Your reading has opened up my mind in a number of ways and I will take the messages for my brothers and other family members.

I am happy for you to use my feedback on your website.  I have also posted a link on my facebook to my friends to recommend your services.   You truly are gifted and you love what you do.  THANK YOU again - I still struggle to actually articulate what your reading has meant to me and thank you just seems like 2 words. - Melissa B Telephone Reading 24 May 2013

Thank you Cheryl. The reading you gave me during your presentation was very meaningful to me. The message I received was accurate and just amazing as I have been waiting many years to receive such a message from my parents who of course have passed over... Thank you for a delightful afternoon.  Many Blessings. Love and Light Kimberley.May 2013

Thank you for the beautiful connection with my brother last night.. Totally blew me away with all the confirmation. The 'Georgina' was the cherry on the cake! So humbled and blessed, thank you!! - Lindie G Telephone Reading 8 February 2013

I was lucky enough to get a photo reading from Cheryl in early September. A very close friend of mine passed very suddenly in the most horrific of circumstances. At the time Cheryl did not know who I was or even my name as the photo of my friend was passed to her by a mutual friend. She was able to pick up on many personal aspects such as what he used to enjoy, some of his funny habits, the fact he had daughter he didn't get to see and she was even able to pick up on a few of his mannerisms. She was also able to provide certain details surrounding his death that only few people knew. The messages i was able to hear through Cheryl have brought me a certain level of peace in what has otherwise been a time of absolute devastation and despair. I cannot recommend her gift highly enough, Cheryl is the REAL deal! I feel very blessed to have been able to connect with such a wonderful and talented lady! Trust me, in choosing Cheryl you will not be disappointed.  Amanda  - Photograph Reading via Internet September 

You are so pure and true with what you do, and how you connect with spirit!! Lindie G.  Photograph Reading via Internet August 2012  

Cheryl Smyth,  you blew me away with your reading of my friends daughter Ali. x - Gabrielle W.  Photograph Reading via Internet August 2012  

You are a wonderful,caring,gentle lady whose information was so accurate and  I feel love in what you do.- Sommer. Photograph Reading via Internet August 2012 

Thanks Cheryl, what a brilliant reading. You have quite a gift! - T. Davenport.Photograph Reading via Internet August 2012  

I had the pleasure of obtaining a photo reading from Cheryl on 25th August 2012. Cheryl was spot on with the details she provided and her comments  you could tell were honest and refreshing. If your looking at having a reading completed I would 100% guarantee the workmanship of Cheryl with the wonderful gift she has. - Paula. Photograph Reading via Internet August 2012  

On learning of the death of my friend Yvonne, Cheryl contacted me to offer her love and support. It was amazing how Cheryl connected immediately with Yvonne and confirmed several facts that occurred at the funeral. Yvonne passed on some beautiful messages to me, through Cheryl, and these messages were only things that I would know. I have complete faith in Cheryl as a Medium and am delighted to recommend her to others who may be seeking closure upon the death of their loved one. - Suzanne Tyssen. June 2012

I phoned today to book an upcoming course at Cheryl's centre. After a brief conversation with Cheryl she informed me of a spirit with her. 
My Father passed away last week and we buried him a few days ago.  From the description she gave of what she felt from the spirit presence, was no doubt my wonderful Dad.  Cheryl told me what he died from, how he was feeling before he died and gave exact details of a photo, a number and a rose.  These were EXACT and even a message from my Dad, all conveyed from Cheryl.
 I am so looking forward to our meeting and the upcoming course, and my heart is a little lighter now, just knowing Dad is watching over me.  Thank you Cheryl. - Narelle J June 2012

The other day meant sooo much to me you have no idea, you gave me a reading I never expected and my Pop came through. My family members have had many readings over the years and he has never came through so this was very special. Everything you said was spot on. Thank you so much, you are amazing. - Siobhan H. November 2011

Thank you for a wonderful day Cheryl. Your beautiful home is a reflection of you, welcoming, peaceful, and healing. Cheryl, you have a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for the impromptu message you brought through from my Mum, Betty. You had a genuine, and amazing connection. I knew without a doubt it was Mum as she was from the North of England and the inflection in your voice, and phrases you used were uniquely hers! Many blessings. Looking forward to next time - Trudie Moore Shamanic Practitioner October 2011

A lovely lady with such a talent for mediumship, and a beautiful friend, kind and sincere - Derran H, August 2011

Cheryl Smyth

Walking With Spirit