Cheryl Smyth Spiritual Medium

Cheryl Smyth - Medium & Healer

Cheryl is a natural born proof of survival Spiritual Medium, who is known for her honest, ethical , empathic and compassionate approach to delivering messages from those in the Spirit World. Cheryl works with respect for those in the Spirit World and with an open loving heart and considers her work as sacred. She is also a Trance Medium, Trance Healer, Energy Healer and Mediumship Development Teacher.


Cheryl is based in Cockatoo, Victoria, and conducts one to one readings  (face to face or via Skype), Demonstrations of Mediumship (Public and Private) and also teaches workshops. She is happy to travel when invited.


Cheryl has been fortunate to be mentored for her mediumship and teaching by UK-based, internationally acclaimed Mediums Tony Stockwell and Helen DaVita. She has also been taught by other international Mediums Simone Key, Mavis Pittilla and Lynn Probert. Cheryl has also been fortunate to demonstrate mediumship and also teach in the UK.

  • Development Workshops

  • Platform Demonstrations

  • One-on-one Readings - in person and via Skype

  • Mediumship Parties

  • Healings

Cheryl Smyth

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